Interior and Exterior Doors – Some Points to Keep in Mind

Interior & Exterior Doors

There are many design considerations that go into interior and exterior doors!

Your front door is literally the gateway to your home, and often a key aesthetic element of your home’s exterior. When we think of amping-up a home’s curb appeal, a front door makeover is usually first on the list. Although often overlooked, interior doors can define or blend with your home’s décor. There are many options for panel styles and quantity, hardware color and design, and more. Even the choice of your interior trim paint can make your doors stand out or unify your style. As you plan out your new custom home, give some thought about which door options will suit your home best, both inside and outside.

Exterior Doors

Fiberglass front doors are the most popular choice for your home’s exterior. Available in a wide array of design choices – from the number of panels to wood-grain look finishes, glass accents and even double-width doors – fiberglass doors are a great low maintenance option for most homeowners, and easily painted to either blend with or be the focal point of your home’s facade.  Getting a custom look is effortless as well by choosing a panel style and hardware that compliments the architectural details of your home. Another popular option is the addition of glass.

How Much Glass Should You Implement?

This question could also be phrased, “What is the best ratio of privacy to light for my home’s front door?” Installing a door with glass will bring natural light indoors, which can be welcomed, especially if your home faces north. However, it may not be the best option if privacy is a concern. In this case, consider smaller and higher placed glass accents, transom windows or sidelights, all of which can add appreciable light to your interior space, while maintaining privacy.

Interior Door Styles

When it comes to interior doors, many homeowners give little thought to this design element. Although the six panel door style is most often seen in American homes, it is by no means your only option – two, three, four, and even five-panel doors are available. With interior doors often taking up significant visible wall space, especially where your bedrooms are located, spend some time considering your interior décor. Choose not only a door style, but a hardware design and color, and even your home’s trim color carefully, so that this often lost detail becomes an integral part of your home’s interior design.

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