Hardware Finishes

Hardware Finishes

If you’re looking into the world of hardware finishes, you know there are many options. Here’s a breakdown of the most common ones.

One detail to consider when selecting features for your new custom home or current remodel project is the hardware finish for your kitchen and baths.  This accent can add up to something amazing – and you should consider your options carefully, as faucets and hardware will last for years. A good starting place is to decide not only your color scheme so that you may coordinate your hardware but also if you’d like your faucets to blend into your design or make a statement.  There are many choices and colors available to you, and following are some of the pros and cons of the most common finishes.


If there’s a timeless faucet and hardware finish, it is chrome.  Clean, bright, and versatile, chrome’s only downside is that it shows fingerprints and water spots (but it is easy to clean and maintain).  The shine and sparkle of chrome can add much to your design, especially against a backdrop of darker cabinetry, marble tile or countertops. Although some folks are concerned about the finish feeling cold, you’ll find that when paired properly with warmer wood tones, its brilliance feels warm as well.  Another testament to this finish’s enduring popularity is its ability to blend with other metals – such as stainless steel – beautifully.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is often an elegant upgrade.  Offering a warmer and softer look in contrast to the sparkle of chrome, its finish also resists fingerprints and spots.  And with a mid-level price tag, it attracts those who want something a bit more refined without breaking the budget. However, keep in mind that nickel does not coordinate well with other metals, and its subtle beauty lends it to blend in rather than be a stand-out in your design.

Stainless Steel

A sophisticated option, stainless steel is a popular choice with a higher price tag.  Stainless steel faucets are most often found in kitchens, but there are choices for hardware and baths faucets as well.  With a cooler tone than brushed nickel and a modern look, stainless steel works well in transitional and contemporary spaces.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

A more expensive and dramatic option for traditional settings is oil rubbed bronze.  The right choice for a European influenced design in the kitchen or bath, you’ll find this finish makes a statement all its own.  Easy to clean, durable, and easily matched with other accessories and fixtures, oil rubbed bronze pairs beautifully with marble and white cabinetry as well.


For a true vintage look, polished brass outshines all other choices.  Durable, and making a comeback of sorts, you’ll find polished brass fixtures are easy to match and clean – as long as you use the right products.  A relative, and newcomer on the scene, is satin brass. Featuring a matte finish that more easily hides water spots, satin brass has become the darling of many televised home renovations.  Adding a touch of warmth with the appearance of brushed gold, satin brass is a great choice when paired with cool colors, as well as white and dark cabinetry.

Black and White

If you’re looking for something on trend and sleek, both matte black and white are gaining traction in modern settings.  Matte black can be expensive but it’s a bold decision that is perfect for a clean-line, modern home. White fixtures, which are often porcelain, can be fragile and prone to chipping—but it also provides a bright option that can make a statement in your kitchen or bath.

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