Spring Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care

Take advantage of these spring lawn care tips to keep your property looking just right.

With warmer temps and trees in bloom, it’s the time of year that most homeowners turn their attention outside.  Cold weather can do damage to your landscape, and now is the time to tidy up and get your yard in tip top shape for the coming months.  With that in mind, here are a few of the most effective spring lawn care tips to increase the curb appeal of your home and promote a lush, healthy lawn you’ll happily walk barefoot in this summer!

Cleaning Up

Chances are your lawn has accumulated debris over the fall and winter months.  Take time to walk around your property and remove leaves, twigs, or stray branches that prevent sunlight from fully reaching your turf.  Debris invites pests into your lawn as well, so be sure to begin with a weekend clean up.

Soil Testing

Next, having an understanding of what your lawn needs for healthy growth is invaluable.  Soil testing is a great way to determine the best fertilizer and additives your lawn needs for optimum health.  By having your soil tested, you will have a record of your soil’s pH levels and components. Check with your local extension office, which often offers soil testing free of charge or for a minimal fee to residents.


Depending on the state of your lawn, you may need to reseed. For lawns with bare patches, reseeding is usually the quickest and most effective means of getting everything back into beautiful condition.  Be sure to water your grass regularly, as seeds germinate and grow.


Fertilizing can be tricky and greatly depends on soil composition.  And, although spring is a great time to feed your yard, applying fertilizer improperly can actually do more damage than it does good.   This is why soil testing is important, as well as fully reading the application instructions of any nutrients you add to your lawn.

Sharpening Your Blades

Remember that lawn mower blades should be sharpened annually.  Dull blades can tear grass instead of cutting it, which can lead to diseases or discoloration, inviting both disease and insect infestation.

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