Cooking: Gas vs. Electric Cooktops

Cooking: Gas vs. Electric Cooktops

Although, gas cooktops are the most popular choice for today’s custom kitchens, an electric cooktop may be your preference.

Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a casual cook, choosing the right cooktop for your kitchen is essential. A cooktop provides increased flexibility and allows for a variety placement options within your kitchen. Although, gas cooktops are the most popular choice for today’s custom kitchens, an electric cooktop may be your preference.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are widely preferred by chefs and at-home cooks for their precise heat output and control.   Drop-in cooktops are most common, often featuring sealed burners and a bonus fifth burner for cooking convenience.  Drop-ins sit on top of the counter with top-mounted controls.

For those who are looking for a higher-output cooktop with customizable features, a gas rangetop is a great choice.  With the appearance of a commercial range (without the oven below), gas rangetops are available in wider widths, allowing for six burners or more, a dedicated simmer burner, and options such as a grill and/or griddle.Higher in price than traditional gas drop-in cooktops, a gas rangetop is a terrific option for those homeowners seeking commercial style, versatility, and volume.

Electric Cooktops

Sleek glass surfaces and advanced heating technology are the focus of contemporary electric cooktops.  Let’s take a look at two of these options – induction and radiant heat.

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy, with your cookware as the source of heat.  Heating is quick and precise, and the cooktop’s surface immediately cools down when your cookware is removed.  Induction tops offer energy efficiency, safety with instant cooling, and ease of cleaning – as spills do not burn and adhere to the surface.  Considered the best in electric cooking appliances, the downside is higher cost and the need for induction-compatible cookware.

Radiant heat cooktops heat and cool gradually, much like a traditional oven.  The technology is similar to electric coiled burners; however, one piece glass surfaces provide better energy efficiency and easier cleaning.  No specialty cookware is required, and radiant heat tops are more affordable, and thus retain a loyal following.

For most people, there is a difference in performance between gas and electric cooktops – and most often it comes down to personal preference and experience.  As you select appliances for your custom home, our sales associate will assist you in finding the appliance that complements your preferences, style, and budget from a variety of manufacturers such as GE, KitchenAid, Thermador, Wolf and more!

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