A Very Howard County Memorial Day Barbeque Checklist

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Bring out the good old Howard County BBQ this Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from us to you this Memorial Day week! The 31st should be a day, most importantly, of remembrance for our US military men and women who have fallen while protecting our country. But that doesn’t mean that the whole day should be solemn and melancholy. Celebrate the life and legacy of these great men and women this upcoming weekend with an All-American outdoor barbeque, right at your Howard County home! The CDC now no longer requires masks outdoors for vaccinated individuals, so feel free to have a few family members and friends over this year. Here are a few tips to make your Memorial Day barbeque celebration fun, welcoming, and uniquely Howard County.

Dress Up the Decorations

You’ll likely be hosting the party on your Howard County new home’s deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen area. It’s important to make sure that the hardscaping looks very Americana during this celebratory weekend, not only to impress the party guests but also out of respect for the fallen. You can accomplish this by decorating your hardscaping with American-themed merchandise, like flag banners, red, white, and blue fairy lights, and themed dinnerware to accent the mood. And don’t forget an array of colorful classic drinks for people of all ages to try. If you don’t have any hardscaping in your Howard County home, you can still host a perfectly fun party in your backyard! Try adding an extra-large picnic or beach blanket and renting a large overhead tent to make sure it’s a cool and inviting place to have a barbeque. 

Don’t Forget the Grill!

The grill is the central star of your Howard County barbeque (other than the cook, of course), so don’t forget to deck it out as well! Help out the chef by putting all necessary grilling utensils out on display, and then consider making a menu. You can use a small chalkboard, giant notepad, or dry-erase board to accomplish this. It will make your home barbeque seem like it’s something akin to a homey Howard County restaurant. Another fresh tip? Try adding flowers and plants around the tableware and condiments counter for some added spring fun. 

Make It Fun, Fun, Fun

The most important idea of Memorial Day Weekend is to appreciate the good things in life, especially when it comes to our family and friends. Make sure that all guests know they are appreciated by adding activities for before and after eating. Try an inflatable pool or slide for the kids at the function, and maybe create a mini-bar for the more mature guests. 

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