A Case for Moldings, Casings and Baseboards

Baseboards Casings Moldings

The right trim, casings, and baseboards can go a long way in transforming a room into something special.

It’s all in the details…we’ve heard this phrase time and time again.  With good reason – it’s true! When looking at a beautifully designed home, you may not immediately notice all of the little details that transform rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.  The addition and selection of trim, casings and baseboards can make that transformation. As part of building a new custom home or renovating your existing one, these architectural elements create depth and define a space.  From traditional to contemporary, bold to understated, there are many choices available, certain to compliment your own preferred style.

Traditional Looks

It’s crisp, popular and traditional – window casings and baseboards with a colonial profile, painted bright white that contrast with painted walls of another hue.  Whether you choose to be subtle with soft neutrals or achieve sharp contrast with rich colors on your walls, this classic look has timeless appeal.  Crown and chair moldings, picture frame molding, and wainscoting also give traditional flair to your rooms, as do wider widths of casings and taller heights of baseboards.  Deeper and more ornate moldings, particularly at the ceiling, will give added dimension and layers of texture to a room while maintaining a very traditional, if not historic, elegance to your interior.  Stained moldings also fall into the traditional category, but offer a more rustic and craftsman style feel to a home.

Minimal and Modern

Clean lines hallmark a contemporary style that dominates many of today’s trendsetting interiors.  In place of classic and traditional moldings, casings and baseboards that feature a flat surface coordinate well with a décor that mirrors a more minimalist and modern design.  Painted to match the walls, these moldings will blend, neither detracting from nor disrupting a view or window treatment worth showcasing. Other treatments for a more modern look include white walls with dark trim or skipping casements and moldings altogether.  Add depth to casement-free windows by featuring a black frame and panes. If you prefer a more industrial modern look, get creative and consider other options, such as stainless steel baseboards that are bound to create a completely unique look to your home.

Design Hacks

Older homes present design challenges from time to time, and trim and moldings are an instant ally.  Crown molding can do more than add interest in a room; it can hide something that’s just not quite right where a wall meets the ceiling.  Is there a room in your home that has a lower than desired ceiling height or feels a bit claustrophobic? You’ll find that crown moldings and ceilings painted the same color give instant height to a space, making it feel more open and inviting.  Have exposed wood beams, wood shelving or doors? Not everything has to match. Aim for a cohesive design by unifying the room with window casings and decorative moldings in a neutral palette, while allowing natural wood accents to stand out.

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