5 Tips for the Month of July

Dog Days of July

The dog days of July are here and we have some tips to help keep your home situated and comfortable this season!

July is here, and with it comes countless summer activities, such as cookouts, pool parties, and vacations by the shore! Around your home, however, you’ll want to keep your family, property and pets safe during the hot and humid Mid-Atlantic summer. Here are five things to consider around your home this month.

Pet Care

Summer take its toll on our pets, but you can take some extra steps to ensure they are well-cared for this July. When going on vacation without your cat or dog, consider using a house-sitter instead of dropping them off at a kennel – pets are more comfortable in their familiar surroundings, just like us! Around your home, make sure your pets always have access to shaded areas and water, and NEVER leave them unattended in your car for any reason, even for a short time, as the result in the summer months can be fatal to your pet.

Summer Window Screen Inspection

Mosquitoes – and other insects, especially the stinging variety – thrive in the muggy days of July! If your window screens have holes in them, your family could be exposed. Mosquito bites are an itchy inconvenience, and no one wants a bee sting. Check your window screens for holes, and have them repaired if needed.

Water Conservation

Conserving water during the summer months not only helps our environment, it also helps your lawn and garden thrive. When you water your plants during peak daylight hours, much of it will evaporate before it has a chance to soak through the soil to the roots. Instead, water during the early morning hours, when the soil is cool. Also, consider a WaterSense-labeled sprinkler system, which can determine the optimal times for watering your lawn and reduce your water usage by as much as 15% a year!

Pool Safety Check

A pool is a great way to cool off this July, but make sure all safety measures are up to par, especially if you have little ones. Your pool area should feature a fence at least four feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate. When not using the pool, place a cover on top of it. And, finally, make sure no one swims alone – a pool alarm can detect whenever someone enters the pool area and is highly recommended.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Away

Before going away on vacation, it’s worth doing a few things to make sure your house is safe while you’re gone. Inform your neighbors of your time away and have a friend check in on your home periodically. Install motion-sensing lights outside and program timed lights indoors to make your home less appealing to criminals – trim your hedges as well. Going away for longer than a week? Ask your local post office to hold your mail in your absence and hire a lawn service to keep your lawn trimmed during your break!

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