4 Things to Look For When Choosing Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

New energy efficient light bulbs will help you do your part to save the planet while also cutting your energy bill!

The market for energy efficient light bulbs has grown in the last few years. As the green movement in home building has become more and more popular, homeowners are discovering the benefits of CFL and LED light bulbs. Columbia Builders installs both in our new homes – about 95% are CFL light bulbs, and, in stairways for safety, we use LED light bulbs.  Both types of bulbs are more cost-effective over their lifetimes – about 25-75% saved in energy costs compared to incandescent bulbs – and last much longer on average. But it can be a little confusing to go to the local hardware store and see all of the various energy efficient light bulbs available. Here is a short guide on what to look for when considering which bulbs to purchase.

1. Halogen Lights are the Closest to Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are on their way to extinction, but the preference for their lighting hasn’t gone away. If you prefer the incandescent look, consider choosing halogen light bulbs. They are 25% more energy efficient and last up to three times longer than the old bulbs.

2. Find the ENERGY STAR Label

Experts recommend using energy efficient light bulbs with the ENERGY STAR label on the packaging. Manufacturing quality of bulbs can vary, especially with LED bulbs, and lower quality ones may not last as long. The ENERGY STAR label indicates that the light bulbs have gone through rigorous testing and are designed to last.

3. Check Out the Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The CFI is a number that measures how true the color of an object is under the light of a particular bulb. Halogen and incandescent light bulbs have a rating at or close to 100, which is the maximum rating. For most interior uses, a CFI of 80 or higher is recommended.

4. Look at the Color Temperature

Color temperature, measured on the Kelvin scale, gives you an idea about the relative color of the light emitted from a light bulb. Warmer colors as given off by old incandescent light bulbs measure lower on this scale at around 2700K-3000K. Pure white light tends to measure around 4000K and cool lighting that simulates daylight clock in at 5000K or higher.

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