Tips For Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Backyard (Part 1)

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Having a wildlife-friendly backyard can be a joy, and it’s not overly difficult to do.

More people have become interested in maintaining a wildlife-friendly backyard. It’s a win-win—your local wildlife has a safe zone where they can reliably find shelter, food, and water, and you get to enjoy a flurry of wildlife around your home that keeps it lively.

Wildlife Houses

One of the best ways to have a wildlife-friendly backyard is to provide housing for all of the critters that come to visit. These can be store-bought or handmade, but be sure to do your research. For instance, there is a lot of conflicting information on what makes a safe bat house—consulting trusted organizations for tips is a good way to ensure that your houses are suitable for their intended residents.

Birdhouses are a staple. They’re the quintessential item for a wildlife-friendly backyard, and they can provide a safe space for any bird parents that need somewhere to raise their brood each spring.

Butterfly houses provide shelter for these delicate beauties. If you’ve never heard of a butterfly house before, you’re not the only one! These adorable little houses resemble birdhouses, but they have tall, narrow slits instead of a circular hole for a doorway.

Bat houses have gained popularity in recent years. As we learn more about bats and their declining populations, more people are looking for ways to support their local bats in their own backyards. A bat house is a great addition, but it needs to be built and situated a certain way, requiring a bit more know-how than your typical birdhouse.

A “toad abode” is great if you’re near water. A toad abode is very simple, and it can be made from an old, broken planting pot. You can also buy some really cute ones from retailers if you want something fancier for your frog and toad friends.

Provide Water

Water is the crux of life, so providing some for your local wildlife is always helpful. You can have something as simple as a basic dish or birdbath, or you can have a more complex system with a pond or waterfall that is powered by a pump and filtration system.

Moving water is great because it is not as easily affected by various bacteria and algae, so water that is kept in motion by a pump can be very handy and a great addition to any yard. It’s not just a great spot for your local wildlife to stop for a drink—it can also provide an excellent aesthetic and pleasant soundscape for the people, too!

If you have a dish, birdbath, or other source of standing water, make sure you change this water out daily. Stagnant water is very vulnerable to bacteria and algae, including cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), which can actually be harmful to wildlife.

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