The Basics of LVP and Laminate Flooring


Familiarize yourself with LVP and laminate flooring to see if one of them is the right material for your home.

While most homeowners select hardwood flooring for its beauty and durability, there are applications where manufactured products are a smarter decision. LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, and laminate flooring are two great options when a traditional wood look is desired, but not feasible. These products are the perfect choice for basements or wet areas such as a mudroom, laundry area or bathroom.  With a wide array of styles and colors, it’s easy to see why these floors are in demand. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, there are benefits to these floors worth exploring.  

Versatility and Choice

Not only do homeowners have a wide variety of choice – style, color, plank width, and even LVP and laminate that mimics the look of tile – these floors are versatile working in living spaces and bedrooms, as well as the areas we mentioned above.  Although LVP is durable and scratch resistant, it may develop indentations from heavy furniture or even show a well traveled pathway – courtesy of your four-legged family members. Laminate flooring might perform better in these circumstances.

Water Resistance

LVP is the new superstar when it comes to installation in wet areas.  It is non-porous and a top choice for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms and basements.   Some LVP is backed with waterproof materials to add another layer of protection against moisture. And where water was the biggest enemy of laminate flooring from its introduction in the 1980s, new technological advances have given way to laminate flooring that is water resistant.  Just be sure to carefully read the manufacturers specifications on any floor, particularly one that you need to hold up when wet.

Durability and Comfort

Floor maintenance is nearly a thing of the past with LVP and laminate.  Damp mopping or dusting solves most daily or weekly cleaning issues with these floors.  Tougher than hardwood flooring or ceramic tile, these floors will stand up to whatever most households hand them.  Other benefits? The boards of both materials are flexible, providing better comfort for your feet compared to hardwood and tile, especially when standing for long periods of time.  And even though the boards don’t break, remember to keep an extra box of the flooring for future repairs as damaged boards can be easily replaced.

Easy Installation

As far as installation goes, vinyl and laminate are the most DIY-friendly options out there.  Thanks to many floors designed with a click-and-lock system, installation is as easy as piecing your flooring together like a puzzle.  It’s worth noting that laminate flooring always requires an underlayment, which can be pre-attached to the flooring or sold and installed separately.  You’ll also want to calculate any moldings needed, or special areas like installing at the top of a stairwell.  

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