Soaring to New Heights…

Soaring to New Heights with high ceilings

Would you like to have a custom home built with high ceilings?

High ceilings have their own architectural appeal, and they can make a room or space in your home feel larger than life.  It’s important to understand the benefits, and possible drawbacks, of high ceilings before investing in them. So, read on to learn more about the types of ceilings you may choose for your new custom home, and how best to incorporate this feature.

Knowing Your Options

When designing a room or space with a high ceiling, you have choices.  Vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, and full two-story space are all available to you.  Both vaulted and cathedral ceilings tend to follow, or partially follow, the roof line of a home.  A cathedral ceiling is symmetrical with a high peak in the center, while a vaulted ceiling is typically asymmetrical with only one side of the ceiling following the roof pitch.  In modern homes, these ceilings are most often found in owners’ suites, morning rooms and sunrooms. Full two-story ceilings are typically reserved for entrance foyers and large family or great rooms.   

Managing Light

Most folks want to capitalize on the airiness high ceilings create and include numerous windows in their design, particularly in rooms with two-story height.  While this design decision will flood your room with natural light, there are a few things to consider. Sunlight will fade fabrics and finishes over time, and potentially raise the temperature as well.  Consider installing a ceiling fan for air circulation and incorporating one of the many high-tech choices in blinds available to you. Easily raised, lowered and nuanced by remote control, you’re bound to find a design to filter light and nearly fade away from view when not in use. 

Utilizing Color

Color is a great, and often inexpensive, way to bring coziness and a more inviting feel to a room.  Often seen in more traditional decor, painting your high ceiling a deep tone will reduce its perceived height and provide contrast.  Dark colored trim and moldings can also define a room and add texture to your overall design. These elements result in a space that feels less empty, or cavernous.

Dividing the Space

Another way to control the feel of a room with high ceilings is to create a division where typically the ceiling would end.  Whether this is a bold painted line serving as an accent to visually break up the space, or the more subtle addition of clean-line millwork that blends with your wall color, these effects define space and add balance.  When planning your lighting design (see more below), consider adding sconces to a room with high ceilings. Sconces, especially when controlled by a dimmer, create ambiance and division, with the plus of enhancing nearly all décor with their classic look.

Lighting it Up

It’s a common theme to go big with lighting selections in spaces with high ceilings.  Oversized pendants, chandeliers, and other hanging fixtures are often bold and dramatic, and are a simple way to develop a sense of grandeur in the room.  Alternatively, smaller lights can be used with great effect, especially to highlight a smaller space within the room. They also provide an important benefit – ease of cleaning and changing light bulbs, which can be a challenge when fixtures are hung high in a two-story space.  Just make sure the accent lighting you choose is properly scaled, and that it focuses on a particular feature – such as shelving, desk space, a seating or conversation area, or walkway.

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