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Stairwells are a crucial part of many homes. What do you need to know about handrails and stairs?

If you own a multi-level or two-story home, you already know that your staircase exists not only as a functional element; staircases can be a statement feature or bring elegance to your home. Whether building a new home, rebuilding your stairs entirely, or refinishing existing stairs, selecting the right components for your staircase can bring the design of your entire home together.  Let’s break down a few ways to make your stairs or handrails stand out and truly become representative of your home’s style.

The Material Facts

Your staircase may be carpeted or painted/stained hardwood.  Hardwood stairs give you more finish options, including choice of stain color, whether or not to add a solid or patterned carpet runner for interest and sure footing, or to go bold with contrasting colors to create a sense of drama and elegance.  The classic look of dark wood treads (the part of the stairs you step on) with white risers (the vertical surface that connects the treads) never goes out of fashion, and works well with both traditional and transitional décor.

The Puzzle Pieces that Tie it all Together

Think of the handrail system of your staircase as a puzzle.  And, these components are an important design feature, particularly in open floor plans, as they will be seen from multiple rooms.  The handrail connects to the balusters (vertical pickets) which will all end at the newel post at the end of your stairs where they meet the floor of your home.  There are many options available to you to customize your staircase to your home’s style and décor. Wood balusters come in a wide variety of shapes and may be either stained or painted.  Metal balusters have become a popular option, and also offer a wide range of styles and installation patterns. The array of choices continues with the newel post – from a clean-lined square post to those that are intricately carved, along with options for painting and staining.  These are traditional and transitional looks that complement many interiors.

Modern and Industrial Looks

Maybe your style is more modern, and a chic clean-line or industrial railing appearance is what you need to establish the direction of your home’s design.  Iron or steel handrails are minimalistic and clean, and work well with industrial looks such as cable railing systems. Modern glass panels in lieu of traditional handrails can be incredibly effective in creating a contemporary or modern feel.  There are drawbacks to glass panels such as fingerprints and finding the right material to serve as the actual handrail on top of the glass itself, so think carefully about these components might stand up to daily use in your household.

Trendy Storage Options

Depending on the structural details of your home, in the right space a staircase can provide storage options.  If no other stairs connect, the most obvious storage option is a closet underneath this singular run of stairs.  However, side storage – from bookcases to drawers to half-size doors opening to everything from open space to a canine hang-out – is becoming a custom option for those looking to add even more functionality and integrate permanent storage wherever possible.

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