Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational Living

When designing multigenerational living spaces, it’s important to consider everyone’s needs and find what works for you.

There was a time when multigenerational living was incredibly common—it wasn’t out of place to see a home with three generations or extended family living under the same roof.  Reasons ranged from financial considerations, to helping each other, and often caring for an aging parent/grandparent who wasn’t able to be on their own. The trend of multigenerational living is on the rise, with more people living in extended family households then we’ve seen in some time.  With so many benefits to this type of family household, there are some considerations for space and design, to ensure everyone thrives. And remember, Columbia Builders can design and build a custom home that meets your entire family’s needs, including multigenerational living spaces. We specialize in providing flexible home designs that exceed your expectations!

Create Distinct Areas

Offsetting bedrooms is an important design element to ensure that no one feels a lack of quiet space, to read, watch tv or sleep.  In some cases, having a bedroom on the opposite side of the house from one another or on different floors entirely, can go a long way in helping maintain a sense of privacy.  Balancing out private spaces, like bedrooms or bathrooms, with common spaces in between is a big part of making everyone feel like they have plenty of space and don’t end up feeling crowded.

Remember Shared Spaces Too

Having areas where everyone can come together is incredibly important as well.  Dining rooms, living rooms, dens, and kitchens should all be accessible and have enough space to accommodate everyone who lives in the home. That said, some of those shared spaces can be designed with a particular need in mind – a living room could accommodate another sitting and tv viewing area so that everyone can watch their favorite evening programs.  Conversely, you may want to enlarge the formal or casual dining spaces in the home, so that everyone feels included and involved in family meals.

Consider All-Inclusive Suites

An ideal situation is to provide a suite for family members who are sharing space with you.  This can be especially important for senior family members who are accustomed to living in their own home, and who may want to retreat to a quieter, private space, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy family with children.  A spacious bedroom, private bath to accommodate their needs, sitting area with a small counter that could include a microwave and mini-fridge or larger kitchen space, and a separate entrance to access the outdoors – complete with garage – can go a long way in giving parents and grandparents a feeling of independence – an important component for many multigenerational living situations.  

Design and Build Your Dream Home with Columbia Builders!

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