How You Can Plan the Perfect Playroom


It’s getting colder outside and having indoor spaces like the perfect playroom is getting to be even more important!

We’re on the fast track towards colder weather which, for many of us, means spending more time indoors.  When your family’s youngest members are relegated to indoor play, you’ll want to make sure they stay engaged.  That’s why this week we’re taking a look at what goes into creating the perfect playroom, ideal for keeping children occupied during the winter. Whether you have a designated space in your home, or utilize a space that serves multi-purposes, having a spot dedicated for your children to play can make everyone a little happier about being stuck indoors.  

Creating Spaces

Children tend to hop from activity to activity, so having the appropriate surfaces and spaces is a key aspect when creating a playroom.  Consider having sections, or stations for varied play. A floor pillow or bean bag chair can provide a spot for reading or resting; a kid-friendly table will encourage any sort of arts and craft project, along with drawing and coloring, and doubles as a homework desk.  Adequate floor space is an also an important factor. Having space to play and having your playroom well-stocked (think yard sales, hand-me-downs from friends and family, and consignment stores) will encourage lots of imaginative fun. Items to consider are play kitchens, appliances and food; a bag or box with clothes and costumes for dress-up;  simple board games; vehicles and track; building blocks with different levels of difficulty; spare or unwanted office supplies; dolls and stuffed animals and more!

Prioritizing Storage

Speaking of clutter, we all know the challenge of home organization and storage.  The ideal playroom should include thoughtful, sufficient storage for all your needs.  Besides stowing away toys and craft supplies, proper storage gives even the youngest children the opportunity to learn responsibility and the importance of taking care of your belongings and space.  Moveable storage containers, rolling plastic cabinets with drawers, and even built-in cubbies or lockers, can be organized to store toys, projects and art supplies when not in use.

Decorating for Fun

A playroom would not be complete without child-friendly, brightly colored decor.  Window treatments, area rugs, bright plastic furniture can all work to enliven the space.  On a budget? An easy way to give the room personal flair is to incorporate finished drawings and other art projects which can be changed and refreshed as children grow.  Installing a whiteboard or chalkboard (or painting a chalkboard wall) is another great option. Perfect as an educational tool for learning the alphabet or working on math problems for school aged youngsters, whiteboards and chalkboards are also great for artwork and schedule keeping.

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