Storage Solutions for Your Home

Storage Solutions

Keep your home tidy by implementing some easy storage solutions this winter.

Finding clever storage and organizational solutions is a priority for nearly all homeowners.  It’s the reason why books such as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo turn into national best-sellers. Last week, we talked about cleaning out clutter in and around the house. Once clutter is reduced, you may begin researching how best to store your household belongings. And, with the right storage solutions, it’s easy to keep your home looking great! Here are a few ideas to consider.

Closed Storage

Open shelving is popular in home design, but it requires consistent attention – rendering it impractical for most. An easier way to keep up on your rooms’ aesthetics is the installation of closed storage, or built-ins and can include cabinets and closets with a clean look that’s easy on the eye. It also works well for finished basements, for homeowners who wish to maximize the use of their living space

Kitchen Storage

Countertops are usually the first areas of a kitchen to suffer from an excess of clutter. Keep your counters clear by setting aside a spot to store small appliances. Ideal storage would be behind a closed door – such as a pantry or cabinet with roll-out trays – but close at hand so that your appliances are easy to use. As for mail, keys, and other items, think about baskets and wall organizers conveniently placed.

In the Bathroom

Many of the same rules in the kitchen can be applied to bathroom storage as well. Keep the sink and vanity top free of clutter, and make full use of your vanity cabinet, drawers if you have them, and linen closet. Plastic bins in a variety of shapes and sizes are easy to find and provide instant organization of cosmetics, medications, personal appliances, and similar necessities.

Mudroom and Laundry Room

Storage in your mudroom and laundry room is vital to utilize these spaces to their fullest. Whether you prefer closed storage such as cabinets and a closet, or open storage with hooks, cubbies, and shelving, CBI can design and build what works best for you. If there are children in your household, opt for open storage solutions such as hooks and baskets to store coats, backpacks, gloves, and hats. This method is easier for your younger family members, leading to successful storing of their essentials.

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