Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

Spring Yard Preparations

Get your yard ready for spring by following these helpful tips!

Spring is just around the corner! Lawn care questions are prevalent among homeowners this time of year, so let’s review how to prepare your lawn, and your spring garden, for the warmer months ahead. Proper maintenance now will help you achieve beautiful results throughout the growing season!

Lawn Care

The best way to assess your lawn after the winter is to rake the area. By removing fall debris and thatch, you can spot and address problem areas. Bare spots can be seeded, and fertilizer applied. When considering fertilizers for your lawn, a slow-release formula is usually the best option. For those looking to go organic, compost is a good option to feed your lawn vital nutrients. When should you apply lawn fertilizer? Most lawn care experts recommend a four-stage schedule that covers the entire growing season. In the Mid-Atlantic area, crabgrass prevention is necessary for a healthy lawn and such products are applied around May 1. Lastly, don’t forget to tune-up your lawn mower to ensure it is ready to go as soon as it’s needed.

Garden Care

Get your garden beds in great shape before planting season begins. Has your mulch decomposed or is it still viable? Do you have any plants that struggled with disease last year? If so, replace the bed’s mulch no matter its condition to prevent the re-emergence or spread of disease. If you are planning a vegetable or cutting garden, now is the time to prepare the soil. Apply a pre-emergent weed control product early in the season.

Caring for Trees and Shrubs

Care of established landscaping should include careful fertilizing and pruning. Removing dead limbs, thinning out overgrowth and light fertilization are tasks most everyone is comfortable performing. However, the question of when and how to prune trees and shrubs to keep them looking their best tends to make gardeners fearful. The best rule of thumb is to observe your flowering trees and shrubs. For plants that bloom in early spring, prune after their blooming season ends. For those that bloom in summer and fall, prune in early spring. You may wish to engage the services of a professional for pruning as well.

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