Four Interior Design Styles for Your New Single-Family Home

Here are some of our favorite interior decorating styles for your brand new single-family home.

Scandinavian style decor is known for its simplicity and practicality, perfect for any single-family home.

Are you considering moving into a single-family home in Howard County soon? Moving is a very involved process, especially with hauling heavy furniture and sorting through the junk and clutter. You may find it easier to want to start entirely new with a clean slate. But it’s important to make sure you have a cohesive design to go along with your new home. There are hundreds of interior decorating styles one can choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to only the most trendy. Here are some of our favorite interior decorating styles for your brand new single-family home.


Scandanavian decor emphasizes a simple and sleek design. However, “hygge,” or coziness, is a central attribute of the style. White walls, wood flooring, compact storage spaces, and a bit of a designer touch are staples of any Scandanavian style. The centerpiece of any Scandanavian design is a “gathering space” in the form of a large dining room table area to host large feasts for guests and family members alike. 


Dream of owning a beachside vacation home someday? Hamptons style will be perfect for your new single-family home. Inspired by fancy homes along the beaches of Long Island, Hamptons style is the use of airy pastel colors found in nature. Sky blues and soft whites are must-haves in a Hamptons style, usually accented with a light-colored hardwood floor. White kitchen cabinets with a marble look are also recommended. Try adding nautical-themed decorations around the house for a true beach house look. 

Mid-Century Modern

If you grew up in a house built in the fifties or sixties, your home was likely using a mid-century modern style. But who said old-fashioned meant outdated? Houses back then were built for practicality and simplicity, and the decor followed a similar mantra. Rounded, simplistic style with an organic look was all the rage back in the day. Add a throwback nostalgic touch to your home with some mid-century modern pieces. 


Minimalist design is not for everyone. Some people find comfort in a bit of clutter, and that’s very much okay. Make your clutter into something truly eye-catching and unique by utilizing an Eclectic design. Eclectic homes use decor from all over the place, such as items inspired by other cultures, antiques, and wacky furniture pieces. The trick is to carefully use these items to create a contrasting design that still looks well thought out and not overwhelming. When done correctly, your home will become the talk of the town for its daring and original style.

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