Choosing Tile Grout to Obtain the Look You Want

Tiles and Tile Grout

Choose the right tile grout for the rooms in your custom home!

When choosing tile for the kitchen and baths of your new custom home, you may not be inclined to give much thought to your grout selection.  However, what seems like a minor detail can actually be part of a major design element in a room.  Here are some ideas to consider so that you can have the look you want in your baths, floor, or kitchen backsplash.  And remember, when you design and build with CBI, you’ll have many options of tile and may select from dozens of grout colors!

Tone on Tone… Blending tile and grout for a seamless look

With grout that matches your tile selection, you create a seamless look that blends into the background.  This is a perfect choice if you want to create a spacious feel in the bath, or prefer not to highlight a kitchen backsplash and allow other design elements to take front and center attention.  Keep in mind that while the crisp look of white-on-white tile and grout is timeless, this pairing requires a bit more attention to the grout to keep it looking its best – by either sealing it or cleaning stains as they happen.

Contrasting Colors… For a subtle or bold look

The contrast between tile and grout can be subtle or dramatic, and it will call attention to the tile’s shape, size and pattern in which it is laid.  A white or near white tile can be paired with gray grout, or a neutral beige tile can be paired with grout several shades deeper.  This option will highlight the tile, but it will not be visually overpowering.  If a more contemporary or industrial look is desired, pair tile and grout with high contrast.  A white tile with a very dark grout will create a bold effect, with the tile pattern taking primary focus in the room.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Room with Color

Choosing a fun colored grout is for those who have a design vision that they will commit to for many years, as it is not easily changed.  Choosing a colored grout – either pale or richly hued – is visually similar to painting a wall.  And, it will work best if it coordinates with other elements in the room.  Due to its permanency, this is not a selection many folks are willing to make.  It can result in a room – particularly a bath – that is one of a kind, and bursting with personality.

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