Celebrate Thanksgiving With This Delicious Cranberry Relish Recipe 

Celebrate Thanksgiving With This Delicious Cranberry Relish Recipe Columbia Builders

The fruits need to be subjected to the grinding process to release juice which is a crucial feature of the cranberry relish.

Cranberry relish is prepared purposefully for the thanksgiving ceremony or holiday season. Raw cranberries are ground and mixed with apples, sugar, and seedless orange. Sugar is added to the mixture proportionately to facilitate the binding of the juices and increase the level of sweetness in the relish. The ingredients required for making cranberry relish are as shown below, and the method of preparation follows in the next section.

Ingredients Of Cranberry Relish

The main ingredients required for the making of cranberry relish include:

  • two cups of cleansed cranberries
  • two skinned and sliced apples
  • a whole sectioned orange
  • two cups of sugar 

The orange should have the peels on in readiness for the grinding process. All the fruits required in making the relish should be raw.

Preparation Of Cranberry Relish:

Grinder Preparation

The fruits need to be subjected to the grinding process to release juice which is a crucial feature of the cranberry relish. There are three options necessary for the grinding process; The first option is using an old-fashioned grinder where the medium-sized grinder is applicable in most cases. However, leakage of juice is expected in the old-fashioned grinder; hence a bowl needs to be set at the grinder’s base to collect the juice that may have spilled or leaked from the grinder. The second option is using a food processor, although much care needs to be taken to minimize over pulsing. The last option is to use hands to chop the cranberries, although the approach is tedious manually.

Fruit Grinding

Make sure you add sliced apples, sectioned oranges, and cranberries in the grinder alternatively to facilitate the grinding process. Nevertheless, a food processor can be used in situations where the grinder is not available. Then, oranges should be ground together with the peels.

Add Sugar Onto Ground Fruits

Next, you’ll want to add sugar and stir in portions because a quarter of a cup is added first, and add appropriate amounts until the required quantity is achieved. Store the mixture at room temperature to ensure enough sugar dissolution for 45 minutes. The mixture will be stored in a refrigerator for future use after all the added sugar successfully dissolves.

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