Energy Star Explained

In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the ENERGY STAR program to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Today, the program is going strong with the focus on improving the environment and decreasing energy consumption and costs. Consumers have peace of mind knowing they are purchasing a home tested with a trusted rating system.

As a 100% ENERGY STAR Partner, Columbia Builders is committed to going above and beyond the EPA’s requirements to design energy-efficient homes, consistently surpassing the EPAs up to date guidelines. We test every home we build to ensure that you experience greater comfort and durability, all the while lowering your utility costs.

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Lower costs, more comfort and a healthier environment are at the heart of the ENERGY STAR program.  A new home is a system of many components – and the components must work together to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and prevent air leakage.

With the use of quality materials, skilled craftsmen, and innovative construction, Columbia Builders achieves superior results – providing our homeowners with enduring quality, outstanding energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Want to learn more about how we go above and beyond to create the most efficient homes possible?  Take a look at how our homes measure up or give us a call at 410-730-0215 so we can share how we build highly energy efficient homes!

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