Tips to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Columbia Builders Protect Home Traveling

It’s important to protect your home while traveling to give yourself peace of mind.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey, exploring new horizons and creating beautiful memories? As you plan your next adventure, don’t forget to secure your home to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. A well-protected home will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your travels without worrying about potential threats to your property.

Inform Trusted Neighbors or Friends

Before you leave, inform your trusted neighbors or friends about your travel plans. They can keep an eye on your property, pick up mail or packages, and even park their car in your driveway occasionally to give the appearance that someone is home. Close friends or family members can also periodically check the house, ensuring everything is in order.

Invest in a Home Security System

A reliable home security system is a worthwhile investment for safeguarding your home. Modern systems come with cameras, motion detectors, and alarms that can be monitored remotely through your smartphone. Visible security cameras alone can act as deterrents for potential intruders.

Secure Doors and Windows

Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving. Install deadbolts and reinforce doors and frames to make them more resistant to forced entry. Consider adding window security film to make the glass less prone to shattering.

Timers for Lights and Electronics

Set timers for lights, TVs, or radios to give the impression of someone being home. Program them to turn on and off at various times during the day to mimic a regular daily routine. Make sure there is some variation, as home burglaries can often happen while people are at work during the day.

Avoid Social Media Over-Sharing

While it’s tempting to share your travel plans and experiences on social media, be cautious about broadcasting your absence. Posting updates in real time about being away can potentially alert burglars that your home is vacant.

Lock Up Valuables

Secure valuable items such as jewelry, important documents, and electronics in a safe or locked cabinet. This extra layer of protection can deter thieves in case of a break-in, as well as protect important items and sensitive information.

Suspend Deliveries and Mail

Contact the postal service to suspend mail delivery or have a neighbor collect your mail while you’re away. Piled-up mail or packages on the doorstep can be an indicator that no one is home.

Landscape Maintenance

If you’re going on an extended trip, arrange for someone to mow the lawn and maintain your yard. Overgrown lawns and unkempt gardens can signal your absence.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances

To prevent electrical fires and save energy, unplug non-essential electronics and appliances before leaving. This also ensures that your devices are protected from power surges.

Double-Check Locks and Alarms

Before leaving, double-check all locks, windows, and your home security system. It’s easy to miss something in the hustle of preparation.

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