Summer Activities For Older Children

Columbia Builders Summer Activities for Older Children

Summer activities for older children need to adapt to their growing minds and bodies, and there are loads of great options!

As children age into preteens and teenagers, finding activities to do with them can become more complicated. In some instances, you’ll need to give them the space to engage with their passions and spend time on the things they enjoy, but don’t forego opportunities for family time and activities that offer a chance to bond. While older children are beginning to seek more independence, there are still summer activities that you can enjoy with them.

Summer Activities for Children Ages 10-13

Preteens are ready for more independence and complex activities that challenge their growing minds and bodies. They seek excitement and opportunities to test their limits.

  • Outdoor Adventure Parks: Many parks offer zip-lining, rock climbing, and ropes courses. These activities provide thrills and a sense of accomplishment as they overcome obstacles and push their boundaries.
  • Cooking Classes: Enroll in a cooking class or set up a series of cooking challenges at home. Learning to cook is not only a valuable life skill but also a fun way to experiment with new recipes and flavors.
  • Photography Projects: Give them a camera or a smartphone and encourage them to document their summer. They can create a photo journal or a digital scrapbook, honing their photography skills and capturing memories.
  • Community Volunteering: Engage in community service projects like beach cleanups, helping at a local food bank, or participating in community gardening. Volunteering fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy, and it’s a great way for them to connect with their community.

Summer Activities for Teenagers Over 13

Teenagers often seek activities that offer independence and the opportunity to explore their interests in depth. Providing them with engaging and challenging activities can help them develop new skills and prepare for the future.

  • Advanced Sports Training: If your teen is passionate about a particular sport, summer is a great time to participate in advanced training camps. These camps can improve their skills, teach discipline, and offer opportunities to compete at higher levels.
  • Creative Workshops: Encourage participation in workshops related to their interests, such as writing, filmmaking, music, or art. These workshops allow them to explore their passions and meet like-minded peers.
  • Travel and Exploration: If feasible, organize a family trip to a new city or country. Traveling exposes teens to different cultures and perspectives, broadening their horizons and fostering independence.
  • Internships and Part-Time Jobs: Many organizations offer internships or part-time jobs for teenagers. This experience provides them with a glimpse into the working world, helping them build their resumes and learn important professional skills.

Summer break is a great opportunity to maximize your time with your older children by engaging in fun summer activities. While you will need to let them spread their wings a bit more, there will always be times when choosing a family activity is the best option. Spending time with your older children assures them that you are interested in them and the life they’re cultivating. It also gives everyone a chance to reinforce family bonds.

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