Popular Home Trends


These popular home trends may end up defining your design decisions.

Choosing to design and build a custom home provides a prospective homeowner a nearly endless array of choices, and decisions, to make.  It’s important that your selections focus on what you want and are not just guided by current trends. That said, brushing up on cutting edge style is a great way to gain inspiration. When you are familiar with the latest in materials and design, you will make sound decisions and get the most out of a new build or renovation.  When you choose Columbia Builders to design and construct your new custom home, our team will guide you through each step, helping you to make educated choices that fit not only your unique style, but function for your family as well. Let’s review a few currently trending home design choices that you might find…inspiring!

Kitchen Windows

Historically, most people want as much storage space as they can find in their kitchens, however, a more minimalist design is trending.  Thanks to innovations in cabinet designs, and the desire for a large walk-in pantry in homes these days, many people are choosing to scale back the number of wall cabinets in their kitchen, opting for more windows in their place.  Removing upper cabinets in favor of window walls floods the space with natural light, giving an open and airy feeling, even on the gloomiest of days. 

Spa Tubs

While plenty of people are ditching bathtubs all together, the folks who are keeping them want luxury.  The desire for a spa-like experience, along with the fact that homebuyers are opting to invest in larger bathrooms, is the force behind this feature in new homes.  Freestanding soaking tubs are the current trend – gone are the days of corner tubs and even whirlpool tubs that were popular for many years. Homeowners electing to include tubs in their design want an experience – not just the fixture itself.  This sets the stage for a dramatic focal point, with a feeling of luxury and relaxation as well. CBI is constructing homes with freestanding tubs, tubs enveloped in tile, and baths with just a luxury shower, depending on our client’s preference.

Open Showers

You may associate modern shower designs with sleek glass that helps to control the water spray, while giving the bathroom a spacious feeling.  Another popular bathroom trend however is nixing the shower enclosure completely. With a roomy bath space, offset walls alone can keep the water where it needs to stay, while maintaining a completely open feeling to the room.  Showers have also become larger and more interesting with a variety of products, glass styles, and tile and stone selections available.

Compact Laundry Spaces

Although the trend is a larger laundry – in its own room, either on the first or second floor – as any homeowner knows, space comes at a premium.  With the high demand for larger mudrooms and drop zones, laundry areas are often moving upstairs, with homeowners willing to be more creative about what may serve as their laundry hub.  Efficient laundry areas are being built in a niche or closet which allows for a spot that’s tucked away and out of sight when not in use. This is a fantastic option for smaller homes as well, where function and space really matter, and for our clients who wish to have a laundry on two different levels.

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