Designing Spaces with Your Pet in Mind


The right home design should include everyone and that even means making sure you have the right spaces for the family pet!

If you own a household pet, you are already aware of the reward pet owners receive simply by being in the presence of their furry friend.  Your pet can quickly become a valuable member of the family and an everyday companion. It’s important to create an environment that promotes happiness and healthiness for your pet.  Design for built-in feeding stations, dog washing stations, and private kitty litter boxes – complete with fans – have become popular in the last few years.  These days, we receive more requests for pet features in our custom homes, and we are happy to design these spaces with your pet in mind, creating the perfect place for everyone to live in harmony.

Create Private Spaces

Ideally, your pet should have a private retreat.  Just like you enjoy retreating to your own bedroom at the end of the night, pets value their own spaces where they can get away from playful children or loud get-togethers. Cats should have a private litter box in an area all of their own, and dogs benefit from a quiet place to rest, especially with advancing age.  

Provide Ample Space

To ensure your pet is as healthy as can be, enough room to exercise is vital.  If you are considering adding a dog to your family ensure that your available space meets its exercise needs (or you have the time to devote to walks, dog park visits, etc).  For cats, this can be less demanding – adding vertical spaces designed for cats and a few interesting toys can provide your feline friend enough needed exercise.  Dogs benefit most from a fenced backyard with space for fresh air and playtime in nature.

Include Views

Animals are naturally curious about the territory around them. Given the ability to look outside, most pets are going to take the time to cozy up by a window and survey the outdoors. Adding a cushioned shelf or window seat or giving them a spot adjacent to a window with a view outside will be welcomed.  

Support Aging

Pets will suffer from joint aches as they age, similar to their human owners.  Elevated bowls, pet stairs (if you’ve allowed your friend on your own bed), and providing everything your pet might need on the same level of your home will aid in mobility.  If Fido must climb stairs to come and go to your yard, you might even consider installing a ramp to ease their trips in and out.

Convenience Features for You

As mentioned, pet stations are becoming more popular, and folks who are building or remodeling a home have the opportunity to add these conveniences.  A mud room is the perfect spot to add a pet wash station.  This is a great feature if you live on a large property and have active dogs who show up at your door, ready to bring the outdoors in (as our Sales Manager, Karen Kehoe, knows all too well!).  If you have room in your kitchen, a feeding station is a perfect spot to incorporate elevated water and food bowls.  Keeping these items out of traffic patterns prevents messy spills and clean up. 

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