3 Clever Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

Laundry Room Setup

How do you like to set up your laundry room? Here are some clever tips we can help implement in your new custom home!

Homeowners are looking for a functional laundry room that is well organized.  It is often a struggle to find enough space for baskets and hampers, washer and dryer setups, laundry tubs and sinks as well as a table for folding clothes.  So any system that can help you be more efficient with laundry chores is fantastic! Luckily, when having a new home built by Columbia Builders, we can help design your laundry room with space and functionality in mind. Here are three clever ways to organize and save space in your laundry room.

1. Tilt-Out or Pull-Out Hamper

A folding table is a helpful feature in any laundry room.  If your space is able to accommodate this table, you can easily set up a wire hamper basket underneath your folding table.  These hampers tilt out for easy access to your dirty laundry. A great way to implement this in your laundry room design is by having the folding table with the tilt-out basket underneath placed on the opposite wall of the washer/dryer setup. You could also have a pull-out hamper installed between the washer and dryer – this is a great option for those with less space to work with and need to have the folding table over top of the appliances.

2. Baskets Underneath Washer and Dryer

Another great design solution is placing portable laundry baskets underneath the washer and dryer. To do this, you’ll have to construct shelves which can support the appliances with about 18 inches of space between the floor and the base of the support. There are some other possibilities with this design – for example, you could implement roll-out drawers to make the baskets easier to access.

3. Wall Storage

Homeowners are also turning to extra wall space to add storage solutions to their laundry rooms.  There are many new laundry room gadgets that can easily be mounted on to extra wall space to create extra space such as drying racks for delicates, iron and ironing board holders, and shelving for holding cleaning products.

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