What is a HERS Score?

The Home Energy Rating System Index, or HERS Index, is the industry standard for measuring the energy efficiency of a home. It’s a nationally-recognized standard utilized to inspect and calculate a home’s energy performance.  Several diagnostic tests are performed to determine a home’s HERS score.  A lower HERS score indicates that your home is optimally energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is a top concern for many consumers. By investing in a Columbia Builders home, where efficiency is built in, you will benefit by saving money now and into the future.  Columbia Builders is committed to building energy efficient homes and we go above and beyond industry efficiency standards. Learn more about our commitment to energy efficiency by visiting our Energy Star Explained page.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Home Energy Rating System Index.

How is Your Home Tested and Rated?

As a 100% ENERGY STAR partner, every home we build is tested and receives a comprehensive energy rating. Testing is conducted by an independent, certified home energy rater to ensure that the results are trustworthy and unbiased. Once all testing is complete, a performance score (HERS Index) is assigned to the tested home. A lower HERS score indicates increased energy efficiency.

You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about independent ENERGY STAR home inspections.

Want to learn more about the HERS scores of the homes built by Columbia Builders? Give us a call at 410-730-0215 today! You can also ask to visit one of our custom homes under construction to see our energy efficent design elements at work.

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